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The Dutchie concept consists of a Dutchie PET jar in 50ml or 75ml + matching lid with seal.

No, you cannot smell the cannabis, weed or hash through the PET jar. You can safely have it in your pocket, without your clothes smelling.

Glass is fragile and heavy versus a Dutchie jar - this one is unbreakable and lightweight. You can easily take Dutchies with you wherever you go and you don't have to worry about glass ending up in cannabis.

Dutchie Packaging delivers - as often as you like - standard 504 Dutchies with matching lids to your coffee shop. You do not need a large stock in the coffee shop, we can deliver daily if necessary.

Depending on the type of cannabis, we expect that you can pack 1 - 3 grams in it.

Depending on the type of cannabis, we expect that you can pack 1 - 5 grams in it.

Dutchie Packaging also provides a lid in a custom-made colour. Contact us for more information about branding the cannabis packaging.


To make your jars childproof, the Dutchies can be combined with a childproof closure.

The Dutchies in combination with childproof closures have an ISO 8317 certificate.


We can produce the Dutchies from rPET (recycled material) instead of virgin PET material. Ask our sales team for more information.

You can throw the Dutchies in the PMD waste. Because the Dutchies are made of a transparent PET material, they are very easy to recycle. The seal must be disposed of with the residual waste.


This is the name of the inliner/seal we use in our lids. The Pressure Sensitive Seal is easy to apply by applying force by closing the lid. As a result, a protective layer and first user guarantee is printed on the Dutchie. When the package is first closed, the pressure from the lid activates the adhesive, creating a seal between the seal and the rim of the jar. No heating is required to seal Dutchies with the lid and inliner.

A Pressure Sensitive Seal is ideal for use in the coffee shop. The cannabis is packed in a Dutchie jar and the seller closes the lid with a seal.


Yes, we deliver the Dutchie concept to you including shipping costs!


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