Hoe Dutchie bijdraagt aan een groenere cannabisindustrie

How Dutchie contributes to a greener cannabis industry

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Sustainability is a buzzword that you will see in all areas of business, and the cannabis industry is no exception. At Dutchie, we believe it is our responsibility to provide environmentally friendly solutions, especially when it comes to packaging. But how exactly do we ensure that our packaging is green, and how does this contribute to a greener industry? We are happy to show you the answers in this blog!


Recyclable materials, PET or RPET

The first thing we do to make our packaging sustainable is to use recyclable materials. At Dutchie we only use packaging materials that can be recycled, reducing the impact on the environment. This means that when consumers are done with their product, they can dispose of the packaging in an environmentally friendly way so that it can be recycled again.


In addition to our standard packaging made of recyclable PET material, it is also possible to order your favorite Dutchie jar made of recycled material, or RPET. The RPET material contributes to reducing waste and reducing new plastic production. Despite being made from recycled material, they have the same high quality as the standard PET material. With a Dutchie made of RPET material, as a coffee shop owner you go one step further in sustainability.


At Dutchie, we believe that every step we take to make our packaging greener contributes to a greener cannabis industry. By taking our responsibility and providing sustainable packaging solutions, we hope to take a step in the right direction and set an example for others in the industry.

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