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Child-resistant packaging. Mandatory or not?

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With the growing popularity of the cannabis industry also comes a growing responsibility. While we focus primarily on quality packaging and maintaining the quality of products, of course, we must never lose sight of safety. With more and more products such as cannabis, marijuana and hemp in the immediate vicinity, it is even more important to keep these products out of the reach of children. But are child-safe packaging mandatory?

Better safe than sorry!

Child-resistant packaging is designed to prevent children from accessing potentially harmful substances. Despite the positive experience for adults, the effects of soft drugs such as cannabis, marijuana and hemp can be quite serious for children. For this reason, child-safe packaging is becoming increasingly popular. But what exactly does "child-safe" mean? Basically, it means that the packaging is difficult for children under 52 months of age to open, but still remains accessible to adults. There are several ways to achieve this, for example, at Dutchie we use push-and-twist lids. Most importantly, the packaging prevents the contents from getting into curious little hands. Are you looking for child-resistant packaging? Our Dutchie packaging, in combination with the child-resistant lid, is ISO certified for children under 52 months of age. This way we can guarantee safety.

For coffee shop owners, child-resistant packaging can be a sign of corporate social responsibility. By offering child-safe packaging, as a coffee shop owner, you show that you are aware of the potential risks of your products and are doing everything possible to reduce them among certain target groups.

In some countries, such as the U.S., it is already mandatory to sell certain household substances and, for example, medicines in child-resistant packaging. Whether this will also apply in the Netherlands is not yet clear.

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